September 11, 2008

Beautiful nights and good fun

The temperatures are getting cooler, humidity cleared out after Monday's storm, the weather has been pleasant. I love this time of year. Just a few more weeks and we'll be able to turn off the a/c, open the windows, and enjoy waking up to the cool crisp air. We've had a couple fun nights so far this week.

Tuesday, San Gennaro Feast kicked off with a firework display. We hopped in the Jimmy, and drove over by Buffalo Wild Wings, we went off-road and found ourselves a perfect place to view the show. There wasn't a soul between us and the pirotechnics crew. Each firework burst right over our heads. It felt like the show was just for us. It was a few minutes long and very entertaining.

Wednesday, we had dinner with friends at Amore. They're originally from California so they were in for a treat, this was their first time digging into a stuffed pizza. They enjoyed it. Amore will soon be offering baby back ribs on their menu, they brought out a 1/2 slab for us to try. They were good, their BBQ sauce is thick and smoky, just the way we like it. After dinner we headed to Flamingo. We had tickets to see Vinnie Favorito.

We made a stop at O'Sheas for drinks before the show. We were at the bar near the Beer Pong tables. We watched a couple groups play. I'm sorry, but that's so nasty! No way would I drink a beer after a ball that's been rolling all over the floor had been in it. They have a glass of water to dip it in, but water alone won't kill germs. They'd be better off rinsing it in alcohol.

After a couple drinks we headed to the show. Vinnie's been at the Flamingo about a month, he moved over from O'Sheas. We've seen him a few times years ago when he performed at Harrah's Improv. His latest gig has him performing seven nights a week at 8pm, ticket prices are $39.95 and $49.95

Regular seating for Vinnie's show is general admission. We were among the last in the theater, but we had decent seats to the far left of the stage. Bugsys Cabaret is quaint, so I don't think there's a bad seat, unless a person happens to block your view. Cocktails in the theater were pricey $9.25 for rum and coke.

Vinnie got started right away, he told a few jokes to warm us up before he started working the room. He singles people out and makes fun of stereotypes, it's a riot. He was hilarious and we had a great time. I recommend his show. We might go back again this month.

After the show we headed home. The drive was perfect. We soaked up the neon, warm desert air blew through our hair, while the near full moon lit up the sky showcasing the silhouette of the mountains in the distance. I'll never tire of nights like these.

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