August 5, 2008

Time is on my side

Yes it is...

Frank sings this to me all the time because he knows it irritates me. Time is not on my side, it's always in slow motion or fast forward. It's never at the rate I want it to be. Workdays often limp by, but weekends fly. After 21, years pass in the blink of an eye. All proof that time is not on my side.

It’s only Tuesday and the week is already dragging. Frank and I are taking vacation next week. The anticipation of spending a week by the pool and the freedom to do whatever, whenever is taking its toll. I think this week might be longest ever, at least it feels that way. The only plans for next week are dinner at L’Atelier to take advantage of their summer menu, and then Friday, Frank will head to Phoenix in the Jimmy. His friend Shane is a mechanic; they will be replacing parts on the Jimmy and making modifications. When it’s done it will be one helluva rock crawling machine. We wanted to get all the work done before fall so we can go out and play as soon as the temperatures cool down. I opted not to make the trip. I’ll stay home and get things done around the house instead.

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