January 28, 2013

Pan Asian

It's time I tell you about my latest addiction... Drunken noodles. I've only eaten them at one place. You might say we're in a committed relationship. It is Pan Asian that has the goods. David Wong and his wife Lisa, relocated to Las Vegas from Florida. Lucky for us, they brought their delicious recipes with them. They serve up Thai, Malaysian, Chinese and Vietnamese eats in their small restaurant on Durango (near Desert Inn).

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On our first visit we started with Vietnamese Ravioli ($7.95). These tasty wontons are stuffed with chicken, mushrooms and other delicious flavors. We gobbled them up in a hurry.

Next up, Frank had the Sweet and Sour chicken ($8.95). This was a good version, we liked that the chicken was stir-fried rather than breaded and fried. But the real star was my Drunken Noodles and so the love affair began. Tender flat noodles are taken out and they down a few too many drinks... ok, maybe not, but they are dressed with a perfect blend of sweet basil, garlic, chili, tomatoes and green beans. I like spicy, so the first time I asked for an eight. Mr. Wong himself said, "No! Too hot!" I settled on a six. It was scorching - in a good way, but I've since learned to enjoy a three, or four if I'm feeling really crazy.

Dine in or carry out you'll be love drunk over those noodles. If not, that just means more for me.

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