January 2, 2013

Chapter 2013, Page 2 of 365

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. We had the opportunity to ring in the new year on the strip with my mom, Blaine and Mike. But we opted to avoid the crowds and revisit our spot on the mountain for panoramic views of the valley.

We watched fireworks from there last year and 2012 was a pretty amazing year so we felt it was worth repeating.

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We built a fire to keep warm, drank Kellerweiss to stay refreshed, we admired the glow of the city and set our goals for 2013. Frank lit off fireworks to pass the time until midnight. The echo was incredible.

Once the clock struck midnight the strip erupted in fireworks. Sorry, no photos this year. I wanted to sit back and enjoy it. It was a great show even though it wasn't as well synchonized as years past. The Stratophere was behind early on, but caught up, and MGM finished a good thirty seconds after the others. You could could hear celebratory shouts and woohoos between the booms. Happy to have survived the end of the world to welcome the new year.

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