September 19, 2011

What the hell?

When did boxing become a love fest with kisses and hugs?

Did you see the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight? Did it stun you, too? I know we were all gathered around the tv and "wtf" was yelled out in unison. What just happened?

I've been geared up for the fight thanks to HBO's 24/7. They do such a great job with that series. I know Mayweather has his haters, sure he's cocky, he's been accused of questionable things, but truthfully I only care what he does in camp and in the ring. I think he's a great boxer, definitely, the best I've seen in my life time. With an undefeated record (now 42-0), you can't name a better performing athlete. His ability is as remarkable as his cockiness. He's a showman. He talks the talk, but also walks the walk. I can't fault him. Beneath that swagger, he does have heart. He's my fighter of choice.

I had no doubt Ortiz would lose, but I really thought the fight would be a minimum of ten rounds and Mayweather by decision would be most likely. I figured Ortiz could throw a good punch, and I believe he can. I just felt he'd fall short on speed and accuracy against Mayweather. That he did. What I never counted on was Ortiz's headbutt, followed by a kiss or his deer in headlights "hug it out" approach in round 4. This isn't a make out session, you're in the ring. Just like there's no crying in baseball, there's no room for hugs or kisses in the ring. It's him or you, you always protect yourself. Period. Ortiz ignored the number one rule, he got knocked out. What could've been a great fight is a controversial one in the end. Although, I see it as poor representation of Ortiz. Still he was happier than a pig in shit. He got his payday, Mayweather walked in with 50 Cent and walked out with 50 million. And we're one fight closer to the one that really matters. C'mon Pacquio... Mayweather, let's do this!


Jay said...

Have to disagree. Pacquio holds himself with class, whereas Mayweather lacks any class. He's disgusting. Did you see the post fight interview where he berates 80yr old total class act Larry Merchant?

Are you SURE you're sure that you're sure that Mayweather is as good as you say he is - does his character not matter?

I think Manny is 1000 times the man that Mayweather is. I think the vast majority of the boxing world would agree.

I also think Mayweather is disgusting. Scroll down to the 'Domestic violence cases' (plural) -,_Jr.

Compare that profile with this one:

And tell me if I'm wrong in my assessment of the total man?

Oh, and that was a sucker punch that 'won' him that fight.

Kellee said...

I'm not arguing class. Pacquio is a standup guy, I'm not debating that. But, I do think Mayweather is a better boxer.

Like I said, Mayweather has been accused of questionable things, not convicted, mind you, but I speak of his athletism not his character.

It was unprofessional but I appreciate that Mayweather calls it like he sees it. Larry Merchant should be done. So should Joe Cortez, that was piss poor reffing on his part.

I don't think it was a sucker punch. Cheap shot, maybe? But Ortiz opened the door to dirty fighting. The intentional headbutt was uncalled for. Don't dish it out, if you can't take it. To be that vulnerable in the ring was Ortiz's fault, no one elses.

Jay said...

You make some valid points, but I respectfully disagree. :0)