September 27, 2011

He Gone!

The timing of the news that the White Sox released Ozzie Guillen was quite ironic. Frank and I were sitting at the Yard House enjoying dinner and Kronenbourgs, after watching Moneyball at Rave Theaters. The solid theme throughout the film is the lure of baseball isn't the money, but the romance.

Here we have a manager and team parting ways over money. The romance must be lost in Chicago.

Guillen is a colorful character. He's known to speak his mind, and he sugar coats nothing. Many hate him for this very reason. I, on the other hand, respect the guy. He led our 2005 White Sox to victory, without him I might not have gotten to experience what it feels like to be World Champs. Several seasons have come and gone since then; Ozzie and crew have not been able to replicate that charisma that we had that awesome season. I'm not opposed to change, especially when things aren't working. I wish Ozzie well in Florida (or wherever he ends up). I'm doubtful they'll be able to handle him, though.

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