October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I've been excited for halloween. It'll be the first year we'll have trick-or-treaters. Last year, I had one little boy come to the condo. He caught me by surprise. Previous years we didn't have a soul. I told Frank that we had to invest in our future and buy good candy. There's quite a few young kids on our block. We want them to remember we gave out the good stuff when they're teenagers. I bought two 120 piece bags from Sam's club. Frank didn't think that was enough. So, I bought a bag of 50 pieces from Walmart, last week. He still questioned if that was enough, I didn't have a clue. I picked up two smaller bags yesterday at Smith's. I think we're good, now. I hope anyway. Watch, we'll only get the neighbors' kids, and we'll be left with 300 pieces of candy. In that case our co-workers will be in for a treat.

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. I trick or treated until I was 17. I dragged Frank out with me that year. See...

From Us

Several years my mom went all out for halloween. With the help of friends and neighbors, we held a haunted house in our garage. People came from all over. It was so much fun. I have a lot of good memories. Sadly, our fun was ruined by vandals. Two years in a row, decorations were stolen and damage was done to our property. It was a shame. Halloween has never been the same. This year, though, I'm looking forward to seeing the little ones dressed in their costumes.

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