October 6, 2008

Review: Table 10

As I mentioned before, Saturday, we tried Table 10 at Palazzo. We walked up at 5:00 and made reservations for 5:30. We killed time in the casino, and we were promptly seated at the patio upon our return. There was a team of three that assisted us. Service was excellent throughout the meal.

We were started with an amuse bouche of duck and arugula salad with cherry vinaigrette and candied pecans. It was a tasty bite. We placed our order and our meal continued right away with fresh baked rolls. They were hand delivered one-by-one, airy, and a nice yeasty flavor. We had a few more during the course of our meal. We split appetizers, calamari with banana peppers accompanied by two dipping sauces: spicy citrus and lemon parsley, and bibb lettuce with pickled red onions, bacon, and parmesan cheese topped with fennel dressing. The calamari was crisp and tender; we liked the spicy citrus dip best. It was good, but we couldn't help but compare it to the calamari we recently had at Capital Grille. We preferred their spicy rendition to Table’s 10 mild version. The salad was simplistic and fresh. We enjoyed it.

Entrees were up next, Frank had a leg of lamb with rosemary jus, kalamata olive mashed potatoes and roasted garlic. I had the rib eye, it wasn’t bone-in, but our waiter said it was prepared identically to the rib eye served at Delmonico. So, I couldn’t resist trying it for comparison sake. We, also, ordered sides of sautéed broccoli and asparagus. The lamb was juicy, it had great flavor, but Frank was put-off by the chewiness of the meat. Neither of us likes kalamata olives so we didn’t expect to like the mashed potatoes. Therefore, it came as no surprise when we both thought they were terrible. Certainly not a matter of preparation, just a matter of personal taste. My rib eye was good, but I missed the bone. That bone just gives the best flavor, one that can’t be reproduced otherwise. The veggies were well prepared.

We wrapped up the meal with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee chocolate cake with espresso frosting and peanut brittle. And topped that off with a Jamaican Blue Mountain latte. Dessert was not too sweet, it was quite good. The latte was excellent.

The check came to $144 before tip. Overall, our experience was good, but we agreed that we would’ve rather dropped a little extra coin and gone to Delmonico. I think Table 10 would have fared better had we not dined at Delmonico before.

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