July 20, 2009

Back to Wheeler's Pass

Saturday storms came through overnight. Thunder and lightning held strong for a good three hours. It's not often we get a good storm. We even got a good amount of rain at the house.

The storms made for a terribly hot and muggy Sunday. Fortunately, we had plans to beat the heat and run Wheeler's Pass with my mom, Amy and Nicky.

When we arrived in Cold Creek it was rainy and cool. It was about 65-degrees. It was hard to believe just an hour before we were sweating like mad in 110 temps.

The mountains looked especially green on our way in. They were beautiful.

When we got to Cold Creek, we stopped to hike and have a look around.

Boys will be boys

Back on the trail. We tried to spot wild horses, we heard them, but never saw any.

We stopped at Wheeler's peak, 7,700 ft, to have our picnic lunch. Nicky only took a few bites then he was off to find yucky bugs.

Hmmm, maybe under the tree stump?

Give it a kick and look and underneath


Gotta keep lookin'! Oooh, YUCKY BUGS!!

Mom! Yucky BUGS!

She's way up the hill, she can't hear you...

Let's head back. Nicky steals my seat.

It's storming back where we came from.

Nicky wants to take pictures.

He captured something other than the ground, he's improving.

he even got his finger out of the way.

Oops, and we're back to the ground/feet shots.

Heading back up the hill so we can continue on the trail.

Pretty rock formations in the canyon

We wound on down into Pahrump. Another fun run with gorgeous views. It was wonderful to escape the heat and humidity, too. We picked a great day to go.

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