June 16, 2014

The Waiting Game

Thursday, my mom had the bronchoscopy. The procedure went well. Recovery was a little slow at first, but progressed as the day went on. Once I got her back to my house she slept and then ate, and seemed to feel considerably better. Her throat is sore and swollen. Coughing improved as the day went on and breathing was easier.

I met with the doctor after the procedure, he was not able to see the mass. He did spot the abnormal tissue and the protrusion in the lung so he took a needle biopsy. He also flushed the area to retain loose cells. So, two samples were taken. They're likely not enough for conclusive results. We knew this was a possibility, but hoped it wasn't the case. I was so disappointed. I wanted him to get a good sample for conclusive results. I don't want to subject my mom to additional tests. She just doesn't have it in her. Now, we wait. I don't know what to hope for, so I'm just going to hope she rests and regains some strength in the meantime.


Jay said...

Stay strong...for you and for your mom. Prayers are out there coming your way. God Bless.

Kellee said...

Thank you!