June 20, 2014

The Waiting Continues

My mom and I met with the pulmonologist to go over the results of the bronchoscopy. Unfortunately, the test failed; the samples didn't provide any results. He has referred her to a thoracic surgeon. Mom has agreed to speak to him to see what her options are; he would perform the biospy if it's the lung or a lymph node. We're waiting to get an appointment. The silver-lining, I suppose, is that there is still a chance it's not cancer. However, the unknown is really wearing on her. At this point, a cancer diagnoses would be better than not knowing. All the research I've done seems to indicate in all likelihood it is cancer. Though, Lupus could be the wildcard, it does weird things and no two patients are the same so it gives some hope. Still, it's maddening to sit and wait, especially knowing that if these are cancerous cells could be growing and multiplying. Time is of the essence.


Jay said...

I'm sorry to hear about the continued wait. Thank you for sharing with your readers your excruciating wait in limbo...it takes courage to do that...I don't know if I could. God bless you guys.

Kellee said...

I figure sharing experiences might just help someone out there... tomorrow, we meet with the surgeon. Hopefully, it will lead us closer to answers.

Jay said...

I will say that for someone, it will help them to know that they are not the only ones to have to go through something like this...the waiting, the worry, the patience, the praying. Yes, I agree with you - it helps people gain perspective...so that is a great thing from such an agonizing situation.

Again, prayers your way. God bless!