June 26, 2014

Brookyln Bowl: Soja

They've captured the highlights of Brooklyn with this venue. It also seems like the corrected the flaws of local venues to produce one helluva place to catch a show. Awesome set up, TV's are everywhere so you don't miss a thing. Only complaint is the line at the main bar moves a bit slow. I always wish venues would offer a beer line only, but they never do...

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We saw Soja, it was a Tuesday night show, but the floor filled quickly after the opening act. We saw the opportunity for our group to upgrade to the VIP booths upstairs when we noticed availability prior to show time. We negotiated a fair price (if we didn't meet our food/beverage minimum, we could've moved to the bowling lanes after the show until we met it - I thought that was nice); got our bracelets and took over the booth and then bellied up to rail once Soja took the stage. Service was attentive. We couldn't get enough of the Drunken Palmers. Great show, venue and good time!

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