June 6, 2014

Flashback Friday: Aladdin

It looks pretty cheesy looking back on it, now. But I loved Aladdin, I won my largest jackpot there in 2001. They were bankrupt, it was shortly after 9/11 and we flew out on $49 airfare and had free rooms at Excalibur. It only took 75-cents to win $750. Now, that was a good trip!

I never had the pleasure of dining at Commander's Palace. Even went to NOLA and it didn't pan out. Someday.


Anonymous said...

Jeez - you would have loved CP. They had those 25 cent martinis on their lunch menu - max four per person - my wife/I/another couple went through the max 16 - all kinds from chocolate to lemon drops - yum yum - sure miss that place :(

christine said...

OMG! i got so plastered at CP back in the day. can't resist 25 cent martinis.

thanks for bringing back that memory!