February 13, 2012

Where snow belongs

Friday and Saturday it was gorgeous here in the valley. The warm sun delivered temperatures in the 70's. I was chained to my desk on Friday, so I didn't get out to enjoy them until Saturday. Frank and I went to the park to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise playing disc golf. I even managed to get a wee bit of sunburn. Just another reminder that the Sun doesn't love me as much as I love it.

Frank and I had the day together on Sunday, too. Storms were due to roll in so we thought we'd head up to Mt Charleston. I've been wanting fresh fallen snowy photos. But we got up the mountain too early. The snow had only begun to fall. Still, there were plenty of kids having a ball sledding and the ski resort was quite busy. The snow was pretty frozen over, still, Frank was able to get enough together to throw a snowball at me. We had a good time on the mountains...

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As long as the snow stays in the mountains, I'm one happy girl. Gimme the desert any day.


Jay said...

I could NOT agree more. It looks beautiful! I'm now counting down the days...March 31 is the day I hop in the car and start the trek out west.

I'm nervous, sad, but also excited! What a beautiful weekend you had.

Kellee said...

It's exciting to get that departure date nailed down. Good for you!