February 23, 2012

San Diego: Part II

Sunday, we stopped at Con Pane for another Italian, then we were off to Camp Pendleton to meet up with friends. Bill took us to a couple tactical and hunting stores then we went to the shooting range on base. It was very busy and there was more women there than I've ever seen at a range before.

The guys were going to rent S&W 500, but they ended up with a 44 Magnum since it was a bit less coin and still a nice bang for the buck. Bill has a .40 Springfield XD it was my first time shooting that caliber. I still prefer 9mm and like the .45 best. I also much prefer shooting outdoors than in the range, I'm reminded of that every time. There are just too many distractions when with 23 other guns going off every few seconds. I wasn't meant for combat. I did fire the 44 Magnum. That is one heavy gun and the power is positively insane especially when coupled with the hairpin trigger. You see a burst of flames before you even release the trigger. It's so fast and smooth.

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Frank's target shooting with the 44 magnum at 15 yards.

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44 magnum vs .40

Good times! We grabbed a bite at Senor Pancho's in Oceanside. I had a couple carne asada tacos that were greasy and wreaked havoc on my stomach for the next few hours. We went back to Bill's, we visited a bit and played with James. Later, we returned to the hotel and napped.

Then, we set out for more Mexican. This time, we went out to La Puerta. It's another favorite spot. You can't beat the $2 ice cold Pacifico. I also think they have the best tortilla chips. Muy Bueno! We walked over to the Tipsy Crow, but they were way too busy. When we saw they didn't have Thunderweizen either we continued on our way. We later bellied up to Gaslamp Tavern. We drank Pacifico drafts until they called last call. We then walked back to the hotel and hit the sack.

Monday, we packed up and checked out. We went to El Indio one last time. I tried the Chile Relleno this time. Their version is pretty good. We shopped a bit. Then, went to Con Pane for PB & J to go. We drove up to La Jolla and had a picnic at our new favorite spot. We sat on the edge of the cliff and soaked it in as long as we could.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then, sadly, it was time to go. 4.5 hours later we pulled into the driveway, and we were missing it already.

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