February 1, 2012

February? huh?

Jeez, it seems like 2012 is moving even faster than 2011. It's been a whirlwind and I'm pretty pooped. I keep thinking my workload will improve as I get more comfortable and as the new companies get settled. My eye had been on February to finally see dust settle, but it's not happening anytime soon. I've learned quite a bit and the more I do it, the faster I'll become. But I sure could use that speed now. Acting as controller, I had the fun task of filing all of the year end taxes. Having the January 31st deadline meant much went on the back burner. I could've used those days I was on vacation, but I am really glad to have had the time off. It's amazing how just a few days can charge the batteries.

Enough about work, there's been changes on the homefront. Well, I guess it ties into work. My office was seeking a runner to make deliveries and pick ups between offices and jobsites, and my brother decided he'd stay in Nevada if he could find work. Things aligned and he started a few weeks ago. He's doing well, he's familiar with most of the valley now. He seems to like it. It doesn't make sense for him to commute from Pahrump so he's living with Frank and me during the week. Weekends, he goes to my mom's. He has plans to save for a car, and then an apartment. We're here to help and encourage him along the way.

It's been an adjustment, but it's working out. Frank and I were so fortunate to have Frank's gram put a roof over our head for the first month of arriving in Vegas, we have wanted to pay it forward. We've made lots of offers, but this is the first time anything has come to fruition. Mike's had some ups and downs over the years, I hope this allows him to move forward and conquer his aspirations... whatever they may be.

On the subject of family, a week after Mike returned to the job force, Amy was called in for an interview for a research firm in Chicago. She was hired part-time and the hours fit well with her schedule. Which was hugely important, since she visits with my father-in-law a few times a week and she takes Nicky back and forth to preschool; plus, she juggles her motherly duties and she checks in on our dad, and Nicky's great grandma. I haven't been able to chat with her much since she started, but she seems to like it. I'm really happy for her. I hope this opportunity leads to even greater ones so she can fulfill her dreams, too.

Frank and I jumped back into eating healthy as soon as we got back from San Francisco. I'm menu planning, again, having a plan seems to keep us on track. This past week has been vegetarian meals. I don't mind it, but I definitely prefer a balance. So, this week coming up will have a variety of meatless and lean proteins. It's nice to see the scale moving downward. I just need to find an exercise groove now. I've had little motivation thus far. I hope it comes quick.

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