February 5, 2012

When I Wasn't Here

As much as I'd like to catch up, I've realized it may never happen. So, with hopes to get me back on track this is stuff I did when I wasn't here...

We went to a Wranglers game at the Orleans Arena. I learned I have little interest in hockey, but our club seats were great.

Frank and I signed up for the Las Vegas Color Run on February 25th. It's a 5k that benefits my favorite local charity, Three Square. I won't be running, but just walking will be a good test for my ankle.

We went to a viewing party at Red Rock for a UFC fight. Man, them Fertitta's are making a killing! I've watched a half a dozen fights and I still don't get it. Gimme Boxing, any day. Now, if Manny would only get in the ring with Mayweather. Instead, May will bring us a bout with Cotto. Whoopedy doo.

We stuffed ourselves silly with our favorite eats before we jumped back on the healthy eating train. Which is going well, by the way. No derailments. Though, I miss good beer. A lot!

We planned another trip to San Diego. It's only a couple weeks away. Remember, calories don't count on vacation! To say I'm excited for this getaway is an understatement. Friends from Vegas will be visiting the same time, and we'll meet up with our friends in Oceanside. Our buddy Bill has orders to Afghanistan for a year. He's supposed to leave in May. This might be our last hurrah before he's shipped off. After so many tours in Iraq you'd think he'd be done, but nope. So much for bringing our troops home.

We've actually been enjoying the winter. As much as can be expected, anyway. It is winter after all. And I loves me some summer like nothing else. It's been very mild and I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I actually see the sun these days, it is only during my commute (during sunrise and sunset) and it blinds the hell out of me, but I'll take it. Although, it doesn't change the fact, I still complain about being cold on a near daily basis.

Mike saw Kid Rock at the House of Blues, meanwhile, my mom and I bet the horses - sigma derby, that is - at MGM Grand. Three hours of play on five bucks. I love it. They added a change machine near the game so it's more convenient than ever to play. We grabbed dinner at the Victorian Room inside Bill's. I wanted my mom to try their shrimp fried rice. She loved it! It's been a long time since I've been in I was pleased to see it's still as good as ever. Mom had a comped room at Imperial Palace. I quickly recalled what a cluster the place is and how much I hate the parking garage. To make the experience even more annoying I locked my keys in the car. There's a first for everything. Fortunately, it only took a ride home from my mom to retrieve the spare set. Her room in the 5th tower was pretty nice. It had new mattresses that were pretty comfy. Definitely, an upgrade since the last time I saw a room there.

We attended the meet & greet with Ron Paul at American Shooters. It was neat to be a part of the hubbub and be within steps of a Presidential Candidate.

We participated in our first Nevada Caucus. Previously, we've been registered Independents and we could never take part. Our precinct turnout was low. So low, we won delegates seats by unanimous decision. We'll be attending the CCRP Convention on March 10. Frank also had to fill a chair because our representatives didn't show. I'm not sure I like the caucus, I'd prefer a primary, especially since 24 hours after the caucus only 51% of Clark County has reported.

My drivers license is expiring this month and I had no choice to go to the DMV to renew. I haven't been there since Vegas was booming. the upside to our downfall? Waits are much shorter now. Yesterday took an hour. When I changed my name in 2004 it took four.

I struggled with my vision test at the DMV. It's time to go back and see the eye dr. I got a pair of glasses a couple years back, but I could never get past the headaches. Many years ago, I had contacts but they were a complete waste since I couldn't get them in and out of my eyes. My eyes have gotten worse, I can't ignore it. I must find a solution.

I've been researching tablets and ereaders since Christmas. After weighing the options for weeks, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Kindle Fire. It should arrive in a couple days. I wanted an ereader with the ability to browse the interwebs. It should be a good fit. Frank will be getting a tablet later this year. He's waiting to see what Google releases before making a decision.

We went to LVH formerly the Hilton to make props bets. Maybe they should've kept the Hilton name? It was a ghost town. Majority of bets had more value at Boyd or LeRoy's, plus LVH had $10 min on prop bets, so we left and bet at Gold Coast. That book was packed! I made my favorite prop bet again this year... Player to score the first touchdown using Scrabble points for their last name. I bet over 15. C'mon, Gronkowski! We have a stack of others, plus money on the Pats. My brother is rooting for the Giants, though. I have two squares Giants 1-4 and 0-8. Not great, but maybe I can squeak out a win? We also have a side bet going for the color of gatorade dumped on the winning coach. My pick? Red or Fruit Punch.

I think that about does it. Eat and drink good stuff for me today, and enjoy the game!

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