February 7, 2012

Now, We're Talkin'

Football is over. My days of being a weekend widow have come to an end. We survived another NFL season. I won zip on my squares. A few bucks on prop bets, and no money changed hands for the gatorade side bet, since it was purple and no one picked it. Mike faired a bit better with the NY Giants win. And my mom hit it big on a $30 square paying out $1300 for the final score.

I thought the game was pretty anti-climatic besides that odd safety and the last 30 seconds or so. My favorite commercials were shown in the first quarter. Audi led the pack by incinerating vampires with its LED headlights. I hate all things vampire, too bad the Twilight and True Blood crew weren't at the party. The naked M & M turned obscene with the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. But the best was the Chevy commercial. Score one for GM!

The halftime show was dreadful. I couldn't help but wonder who thought that was a good idea? Madonna could be RedFoo and SkyBlu's mother. Sexy and I know it? My brother thinks the LMFAO/Madonna remix should be "60 and I know it - Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle." Though, I don't she knows she's nearly there. Don't get me wrong she looks great for her age, but at her age, you shouldn't be gyrating all over the stage. If this was the halftime show over 20+ years ago, it would be another story.

Anyway, with football behind us, we can focus on important things... like baseball. Specifically, my White Sox. There are lots of changes this year and quite a few opportunities to see them play: Spring Training in Phoenix, at A's, two series at Angels and one at Dodgers. Let's play ball.

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