January 12, 2012

The Tasty Nook

Not far from the strip, there are a few eateries in two small adjacent strip malls dishing out big flavor. Raku, Monta and Big Wong are all tucked into this nook off Spring Mountain before Decatur. All three have garnered much attention, as usual it is my quest to try them all to see how they fare. Raku is a great treat, especially when dining with an adventurous group. I have not yet gotten to Monta, but the latest I tried was Big Wong.

The majority of the menu is $5, yep that's right! You'll find meat and veggies paired with noodle and rice dishes. Make your selections and wait for the food to roll out of semi-open kitchen.

We started with Wonton Soup, it was a bit bland, but sriracha helped kick it up.

Salt & pepper chicken wings came highly recommended so Frank opted for those. They did not disappoint.

I had the chicken curry with roti pancakes. I dug in before getting a photo, so note that your bowl will be brimming with succulent chicken and earthy potatoes and there is a side of well executed roti. Though, I think I'd prefer the chicken curry over rice (which is also on the menu).

All in all it's cheap & tasty! And you get service with a smile. We came for dinner, but I think this would be a great lunch spot.

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