January 27, 2012

Our other home, away from home

Monday, we were up and out well before the sun. Even when we took off at 6 o'clock the neon beamed from the darkness below. The flight was full, but we still managed to get seats in the exit row. Frank appreciated the extra leg room. We touched down in San Francisco at 7:30 and we hit the ground running. We hopped on BART, bought our three-day Muni pass, and jumped on the cable car. There's no line that early so we were quickly aboard and on our way to the Wharf. The rain had lightened up enough we didn't bother with umbrellas.

This trip we were booked at the Sheraton, I got a great deal on Hotwire for $87/night. We didn't think there'd be a room ready, but we checked anyway, and lucky for us, we were in our room minutes before 9 o'clock. I was pleased to find a king-sized bed to boot. The balcony was a surprise, but we never used it, the view was of a/c units.

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We dropped off our bags, and headed down to the Ferry Building. We grabbed all of our goodies for our usual picnic. We stuffed ourselves silly and crashed.

It was chilly and damp since the rain had just cleared. We declared it perfect Irish Coffee weather. We headed over to Buena Vista.

Only I'm a poor excuse for an Irish girl. There was far too much whiskey for me. Frank had to finish mine. We left and I was dying of thirst. We grabbed a water at Ghiradelli. Who goes there for water? Yes, I do. We hopped a bus to the Tenderloin for banh mi at Saigon Sandwich. We had Chicken and Roast Pork. I can't decide which I like better.

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We found our way back to the Wharf, we went to Pier 39 to see the sea lions... something so touristy, but we've never stopped to see.

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After the sunset, we found Beer 39. Just what we were after, we bellied up to the bar and sampled them all. I was a big fan of 'Back in Black', Firestone Pale and Hemp beer. Frank found a couple he really enjoyed too. Best part was they were all new to us. We worked up a hunger from all that heavy lifting, well, we more or less couldn't wait to sink our teeth into crab so the Crabhouse was our next stop.

We shared Crab Chowder and a whole crab. Yummy!

Later, we went to Aux Delices for another Vietnamese fix. Frank had his first taste of pho tai. It was ok, but what I get from Da Lat at home is better. We also ordered Imperial rolls and bun thit nuong which was a first for me. I will certainly be having it again.

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We walked off eats after taking the bus to North Beach, we walked around there and then through the financial district and up embarcadero. We called it a night soon after.

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