January 5, 2012

Kicking Off 2012 Travels

We wasted no time getting our 2012 travels started. New Year's Day we called Colorado Belle to reserve a comped night. Originally, we were told it was a restricted date and they could not comp the night But persistence pays, we tried again a couple hours later and voila we were good to go.

My mom and Mike came along, we quickly packed an overnight bag and we were on our way. First stop was El Palacio in Bullhead City for dinner. Muy Bueno! Second, was the Circle K for lotto tickets, and then, we finally checked in. Once the accomodations were squared away we hit Edgewater casino.

Frank and I had zero luck so we left mom and Mike to play over at the Belle. Luck did not find us there, either. We tried VP and Keno with no success. At least, the Tecate was ice cold. We moved on to the Pioneer. Again, no wins. I was broke. Frank had a little left to gamble so we went back to the Belle and he hopped on Blackjack. My mom and Mike had just wandered in so I met up with them. We walked around a bit, when I checked in on Frank he was doing well. He gave me $30. I pocketed $20 and had $10 to blow. Mom found her favorite Fairy's Fortune. We took up the row. I played Village People just enough to keep the drinks coming. And that they did, even mom was drinking. Later, Frank found us there. He had a successful session and played with good group that had him doing shots of Jack. We went back to the hotel room. Somehow, I doubt we walked a straight line.

Frank and I crashed, mom and Mike went back to Edgewater. Ultimately, having very little luck, but a good amount of fun. The learned of the trouble with time down by the river. For those unfamiliar, time changes regularly depending on which cell tower is providing you service. Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings so half the year they are an hour ahead. Mom and Mike were unsure if it was four or five o'clock so they called it a night, err morning.

Monday, I was the first to rise, but Frank was the first out and about. He had freeplay and he wanted to get into the poker tournament. He did and made it to the final table. Said and done, he took first place. Meanwhile, we had checked out of the hotel room and we were sitting outside by the river enjoying the gorgeous day. I loved soaking up the warm sun! I was so spoiled by the mid-70's I did not want to leave.

Colorado River

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There are three musts every time we visit Laughlin, the first is Mexican at Casa Serrano inside Riverside or El Palacio in Bullhead, the second is to feed the koi at Colorado Belle. And the third, is to stop at Searchlight for Bowlingo at Terrible's. This trip was no different.

Though, I didn't want to leave Laughlin. The promise of driving through Christmas Tree Pass made it bearable. It's a drive we've been curious about for ages. It's a smoother and shorter ride than expected, about 16 miles. We rode in the Avalanche, but I think my Impala could handle it. We enjoyed the scenic route. We'll check it out again when I'm able to do some hiking. I'd like to see Grapevine Canyon.

Just one of the many decorated trees in Christmas Tree Pass.

After our stop in Searchlight, we made one more detour before home. We stopped at Club Fortune in Henderson. This is our favorite local's casino. We only wish it were closer to home. I lost $20 on slots instantly, then another on full pay JOB. I got some play there, though. Still, I sit in four to the royal hell. So far it doesn't seem like I am any closer to the allusive royal. This summer will be nine years since my one and only. At some point, I must be due. Right? Frank and I played some $2 Blackjack and he won enough to cover my loss. It wasn't a bad way to end our gambling adventure.

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