January 28, 2012

Eat, drink and be merry!

Tuesday, we returned to Saigon Sandwich for more Banh Mi and we stopped at Petite Deli to see Young. She was pleased to see us back so soon. We shared an Italian hero and pasta & potato salad. Afterwards, we decided we'd finally go to Alcatraz. It's never been high on my to do list, but it was a nice afternoon, the clouds had parted and the skies were blue. We were able to get seats on the next cruise over, which departed at 12:45.

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Once we arrived on the Island we toured the grounds for a couple hours.

The city views were particularly nice.

Frank enjoyed Alcatraz more than I did. My feeling is that you do what you can to avoid prison, therefore, visiting one didn't thrill me... even if it is a National Park.

After the boat ride back, we hopped on a bus to Chinatown for lunch at Penang Garden. We shared roti and hot & spicy crab. It was just as delicious as last time.

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Afterwards, we hopped on a bus to Hayes Valley. We went to Suppenkuche which is a place Frank had found known for awesome potato pancakes and beer in boots. Their potato pancakes were indeed awesome.

The beer selection was great, too. Several drafts and bottles, all of which were new to us. We enjoyed our time there. It's a neat place, we'll return another time to try more eats. Drinks, too, of course.

We returned to Crabhouse for another dose of the dungeness. 'Lots a crab' hit the spot! We wanted a couple beers, we were going to go to Kennedy's. The Irish bar I went to with my family, but instead we went to Golden Boy. They have Red Hook ESB on tap and I love the stuff. Beers eventually led to pizza slices. Stick a fork in us, we were done. We walked, ate and drank our fill. We were exhausted. We walked back to the hotel and promptly crashed.


Anonymous said...

NICE - thanks so much for the San Fran details - can't wait to get back there. Question - Saigon Sandwich - is that in the Tenderloin area?? We've been to Tommy's Joint and really enjoyed it - keep the reports coming - P.S. - we did the night tour at Alcatraz - AWESOME - really spooky and you could really see how desolete and depressing it must have been for the prisoners - take care....Andy from Niagara Falls - Canada....EH!!!!

Kellee said...

Saigon Sandwich is in the Tenderloin. It's well worth the trip too.

We haven't tried Tommy's yet, I'll have to remember it for next time. I saw they offered the night tour. I bet it is creepy.