Rock Crawling & Desert Riding

October 17, 2011
This weekend we got out to enjoy fresh air and desert riding. We met up with old friends (VV4W) for a pre-run for Hump & Bump. We used to do runs with these guys regularly in the Jimmy. They taught me the difference between off-roading and 4-wheeling. We loved rock crawling. Maybe someday we'll be flush with cash and we'll get the Jimmy in tip top shape to start crawling again. In the meantime, we love the RZR, we can't climb rocks like we did, but we make up for it with speed. I missed riding, boy, oh boy, it's gonna be a long winter! I'd like to fast forward football season so we can just get out there and play, but anyway...

The Jeeps ran a couple trails in Logandale, Rock Bottom and The Shredder. We followed taking the bypasses. Watching rock crawlers is nearly as fun as navigating. Adrenaline doesn't pump the same, but there is also no worry about breaking your rig. We enjoyed sitting back and watching them do their thing. I took photos and Frank captured video. In between trails, we'd zip around for our own fun. Then, after the Jeeps went home for the day we hit the dunes and flew through the wash. Good times!


Jay said...

That looks downright frightening! Those look like toy cars/trucks!

Kellee said...

Haha, they do. It's so much fun.

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