October StrEATs

October 12, 2011
Saturday night we went downtown for StrEATs. This month's food truck collection included trucks we haven't tried. Such as Sausagefest, Tastybunz and Sin City Wings.

We hit up Sausagefest first. With our southside roots, we couldn't help but put the Polish and Hot Italian to the test. Both measured up! I only wish the giardineria that they top the Italian with was hot. The Vietnamese rolls untraditional, but they totally work. It's a great bun to meat ratio. It's soft and chewy yet strong enough to hold all the tasty bites inside. The fries have skins and are fried crisp just like we could get back home, too. Rock on, Sausagefest! We'll be back for more.

Next up was Sin City Wings, I wanted to love it but I didn't. They drew a large crowd. After lengthy wait, we had grub in hand. I don't often like chicken on the bone, so we went with tenders. We couldn't decide on a sauce so we sprung for a second sauce for 50 cents and they left them naked. Armed with Feinberg and Hot Buffalo sauce we dug in.

The Hot Buffalo sauce was not terribly hot or tasty. After one dunk we stuck with the Feinberg, the spicy apricot was the way to go. However, while the breading is crisp is too thick. I prefer I much lighter coating. The homemade ranch is very watery and no better than most bottled versions. The addition of macaroni salad (watery) and bread (dry) seems like carb overkill. It seem like an afterthought, rather than a balanced combo.

Tastybunz was our last stop. We were pretty full but we saved enough room for the hot pig bun with jalapenos and pancetta and an order of the nutty professor with white chocolate and carmel sauce.

There are far more menu items to sample, but first impressions were promising. We liked the bun, it was a tasty snack you don't get every day. The nutty professor? Goodness, I'm in love. Nutter Butters are my favorite store bought cookie, I never once thought about deep frying them, but I'm glad TastyBunz did. I'm hooked.

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Jay said...

That food looks...and I'm ashamed to say it (kind of)....awesome!

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