Are you ready boot? Start walkin'

October 26, 2011
Tired of this ankle saga yet? Yeah, me too.

In short, I met with the Ortho yesterday. I like that he sat with me and looked at the MRI images. Each one, he pointed to show what was normal and what was not. Based on my symptoms, he was quite pleased with the MRI results. With time and proper treatment, a complete recovery is expected. I have thickening of the achilles tendon, thinning of the ATF ligament and swelling & fluid around the peroneal tendon.

I believed it was my peroneal tendon that was giving me grief. That's where the majority of the pain is. It's where I swell most. It's where it's tender to the touch. The podiatrist completely dismissed it since it was not on the MRI report. I do not believe he ever reviewed the actual images.

After reviewing the images, and an exam, the ortho reccommended 3 weeks in the boot, to start - more depending, to immobolize the tendon. No PT or daily stretches, at most I can cycle with minimal impact. He believes the sprain was traumatic given my lengthy healing process and current symptoms. Also, he thinks PT started too early. He says that's often the case. Tendon issues like mine can swell for 3-4 months on average. They take time, even when treated spot on.

I made mention of the cortisone shot and he said they should be performed in a radiologists office with ultrasound so be certain that the proper injection point is located. If injected into the tendon it can cause tendon weakness. I wish I was informed before having my cortisone injection in the podiatrist's office. Lessoned learned, research before agreeing to most anything.

My boot had enough miles to get around San Diego, let's hope there's more left for San Francisco.


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