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October 21, 2011
Yesterday while scanning my google reader I came across a blurb from the LV Weekly that Evil Dead The Musical was playing at Onyx Theater. Onyx Theater? Hmmm, I couldn't place it. A quick search revealed it was over on the eastside in the commercial center plaza near the Green Door. The theater is attached to The Rack a fetish clothing store. We bought our tickets, only $15 each, and had a look around. Lots of leather, fetish wear, some gay porn and accessories.

The doors opened and we were able to take our seats. We had no expectations for the show, I hadn't heard a peep about it until reading the review yesterday afternoon. Being big fans of Army of Darkness we had to check it out. It was awesome. Clever, campy, hilarious and absolutely bloody. I thought only the splatter zone was in range of blood but nope, no one in the theater is safe. Of course, I wore white. Not smart. It was completely spattered when we left. It took a whole stain stick when I got home, when I pulled it out of the washer this morning it was brightly white no trace of blood. Best money we've spent in a while. Great production! It can be added to my list of favorite musicals. I needed a fun night out. Evil Dead The Musical delivered.

It wasn't til this morning that I learned that the funds needed to produce the show came from pledges made on Facebook. Once their goal of $3000 was reached director Sirc Michaels was able to bring the cult classic to the intimate 98-seat Onyx theater. The cast is great, especial Ben Stobber as Ash. I loved the transformation from S-Mart employee to superhero. Bruce Campell was channeled. My fond memories for the Sam Raimi trilogy flooded back and I was quoting the lines from Army of Darkness right along with Ash. It was "groovy", so go see who's evil now and check out Evil Dead The Musical. The show runs through October 31. Those of you not in Vegas should check local listings, I've heard other cities are currently running the production as well.


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