February 3, 2009

We got an offer

Not on the condo. But, boy do I wish that were true. We got an offer from Wynn. This is somewhat monumental. We don't get offers, well from Las Vegas Casinos. Laughlin likes us, or liked us. Usually, all we get from Wynn is $10 in free play every few months. In yesterday's mail, though, there was an offer for an Encore Suite at $120 with $100 free slot play. In my world that's a $20 suite. The only catch is that it's only good certain days this month. All but one are while family is visiting. We could possibly do a night next week after they leave. We should probably make the decision today and reserve it. Don't want to miss our chance.

In other happenings...

Mike, Amy and Nicky arrive at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I'm very excited. Frank will even be off with me tomorrow and Thursday.

Yesterday, Frank was a busy bee. He drained the pool, our last water sample indicated solids were getting high, which means it's likely been a couple years since the pool has had a water change. It needs to be done before temperatures reach 75 to protect the shell or so we were told. Time is running out, so he got it started. It took all day to get it nearly half drained, talk about a slow process. What was especially funny is that we have no sewer on our street. So, the water drained down our drive away and then followed the curb down the street and around the block. Evidently the closest sewer is more than a 1/4 mile away.

He also deep cleaned the grill. We haven't used it the few months, but temps are finally warming up. Time to get it ready for this year's grilling season. We broke it in by grilling up a couple bone-in ribeyes. Smith's had them on sale this week so we stocked up. They were very good. I'm happy I have six more in the freezer. Today's the last day of the sale, I think I'll pick up more. Hopefully, what's left is good quality, as well.

Then, he worked on taxes. At first we owed, but once he figured in all of our deductions we will get a refund. Those funds will come in handy to pay down debt. Nice to get it out of the way early on.

I went to bed around 11 o'clock, as I crawled under the sheets Frank came to tell me he was going to Red Rock to cash our winning football bets. A couple hours later, I recall him standing in front of me with a handful of hundred dollar bills. He said he won $800 playing keno. I swear he said he hit 6 of 7 numbers. The details are fuzzy, I sure hope it wasn't a dream.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it wasn't a dream - winning $800 in Keno would be sweet. We have a game in NY called Quick Draw (similar to Keno) which can be very addicting.

Kellee said...

It wasn't a dream. He actually won! He hit 7 out of 8 numbers on video keno. Very sweet, indeed.