February 13, 2009

Maybe there will be another offer

You might remember, last week, I mentioned that Wynn sent us an offer. I thought I'd follow up on that. We did call to reserve Thursday night, but instead of lounging in the lap of luxury we were comfy at home. Honestly, I wasn't a bit disappointed it was nice to be home and catch up on dvr'd shows. When Frank called marketing to make the reservation, earlier this week, they no longer had any nights available at Encore. All they could offer us was a room at Wynn. We stayed there twice before so it wasn't worth it to us. We'd like to check out Encore and knock another property off "our list". Hopefully, we'll get a second chance.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Maybe there will be another post?

Kellee said...

Perhaps, tomorrow... didn't get time today.