February 6, 2009

I'm beat!

Chasing and playing with a two year is a load of laughs, but it's also exhausting!

I've had a lot of laughs with the family the last couple days. I haven't had much quality time with Mike, yet, though. He and Frank were off-roading all day Wednesday, he slept all day yesterday, and he, Frank and my mom have went out gambling at night. Tonight he'll stay the night and we have plans to go the Hard Rock and maybe a couple other casinos.

While they've been out, I've played with Nicky and had time with Amy to chat and play cards. They went to my mom's last night, it looks like we'll spend time out there this weekend. After they left, I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. Hopping around like a frog, singing songs, playing with toys and swimming wore Nicky out. I was right by his side the whole time, so you can only imagine how exhausted and sore I was. Below is slideshow of our fun in the hot tub on Wednesday. Nicky loves to splash and he took it upon himself to bathe me. It was a riot. Grandma was lucky, she was spared.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the public service announcement! We have friends with two 18 month-olds coming for the weekend--should we stock up on Jolt now??

Wish we could play outside in a hot tub --it's warmer here this weekend, but still no Vegas ;-)

Kellee said...

Oh yeah! Get plenty of rest, too. You'll need it.

Anonymous said...

He is adorable. Glad that you are enjoying your family.

Kellee said...

Thanks! I try to make the most of every minute. It's tough only seeing them a few times a year. You miss so much.