February 10, 2009

Philly Steakout is No More

And I feel partially responsible. We drove by the Tropicana/Ft. Apache location the other night and there were no lights on, we parked and Amy hopped out to read the sign on the door. It stated “Closed due to the Economy”. What a bummer. I haven’t had another cheesesteak that was nearly as good as those at Philly Steakout. They flew in ingredients from Philly, which made made their sandwiches the most authentic around. In recent months we've been eating out a lot less and we started eating healthier in the New Year so we haven’t had cheesesteaks since early December. I think we may have been keeping them in business by stopping there weekly or, at least, a few times a month. Seriously, I doubt our lack of visits alone had much impact, but it really is a shame. They will be missed.

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