January 21, 2009

Review: Anthony Cools

Last night, we saw Anthony Cools. He performs at Paris, his theater is behind the sportsbook. General Admission tickets are $52.75, VIP seating is available for 23 bucks more. The theater is small enough that there's no reason to bother upgrading from general admission. You can also find tickets at most of the half-price ticket outlets. The show is nightly at 9pm except Wednesdays.

The Cools Experience theater reminded me of a board room, I felt like I was attending a meeting and I was just waiting for the PowerPoint presentation to begin. But once the show got started, and the volunteers were hypnotized it was a lot of fun. Each of the volunteers were encouraged to do some bizarre act. It begins harmless and gets more risque as the show goes on. The dirtier it got, the funnier it was. The auditions for porn were my personal favorite.

The show would be great for a group. Convincing a friend to be a volunteer would make the show even more entertaining. Supposedly, material changes each night so every show is different. Plus, the quality of the show hinges on the volunteers and audience participation. The audience last night wasn't too hyped up, but we still had a great time.

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