January 12, 2009

I've had enough...

this no common day off business is for the birds. Frank's been working Sundays, our only shared day off, I miss having our one day together. February 8th can't come soon enough. That'll be our next day off together, after Super Bowl, he goes back to his regular schedule.

The weekend was quiet. I grocery shopped, cleaned house and did laundry, fun times. We're trying not to spend, and in turn, we're working on paying down our credit card debt. To free up some funds, we've decided to cancel Sirius and Vonage. We've been pleased by both, but they're just extra expenses that we can do without.

Saturday, I also hung the privacy film on the sidelight. I failed to note that I was supposed to spray the window in addition to the film so my end result has far more blisters than there should be. I figure I'll let it cure this week, if it doesn't fix itself, I'll redo it next weekend.

The peacock's final moments
From House photos

Look there's a window
From House photos

Now, with privacy film
From House photos

The front doors and the fireplace have the last remnants of gold (downstairs, anyway, I haven't begun to tackle upstairs). I'm not replacing the door hardware, because I want to replace the doors someday. Just need the money.

The fireplace, I was able to remove one band of gold. The other is more permanent and I haven't figured out a solution yet. I tried to replace the hardware, but lowes and home depot don't carry the size I need.

From House photos

And now
From House photos

I thought, I posted these before, but I guess not.

Kitchen window fruit before
From House photos

And after
From House photos


Unknown said...

Kellee--black spray paint designed for appliances--it's heat-safe!

Love those kitchen windows below the cabinets--so different.

Kellee said...

Good tip, thanks!

christine said...

i was going to say the same thing for the fireplace gold- some kind of spray paint. be sure to scuff up the gold band before spraying it, like with a green scouring pad or super fine sandpaper.

Kellee said...

I know what my next project will be.