April 29, 2008

Review: Mamacita's

Friday night we tried Mamacita's Mexican and Cuban Restaurant. The restaurant is on Fremont Street across from El Cortez. With the addition of Fremont East the walk over is well lit and non-threating. There were a few diners around 8 o'clock and several people came by for take out.

The menu was diverse. The selections and the overall atmosphere reminded us a lot of restaurants we've frequented in Mexico. So much so, that when the waitress greeted us, I nearly responded with my gringo version of spanish.

Despite the wide variety of dishes we opted to keep it simple. Frank had a chicken burrito served enchilada style (ranchero sauce and monterrey jack cheese) and I had corn carne asada tacos. Both were very good. Their beans were especially tasty. We also had salsa and chips before our meal arrived, both salsas were mild (would prefer hotter), but fresh and delicious.

Service was good throughout the meal and the bill was $25. Mamacita's is a keeper, we'll happily dine there again.

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