April 2, 2008

Making good use of Google Earth

We've really taken to our off-road adventures, we've checked out a handful of trails recently. I've started marking them off using Google Earth (green marks places to shoot). Here's the trails we visited near my mom's on Easter:

Since then we've found a great spot near our house off Sunset and Grand Canyon Dr. There's a few trails and the canyon offers a great location to shoot. The echo from each shot is intense because of the curve of the canyon. It's very cool. Nearby is a path that people in the neighborhood walk up, it was wide enough for us to drive so we went up it. The view of the strip was spectacular from there. Too bad I was a schmuck and left my camera at home. The mountain is pretty steep so I got nervous coming down, but Frank and the Jimmy handled it well. Having these trails five minutes from the house is great, it so convenient.

We've also scoped out a retention basin off Buffalo (south of Blue Diamond), that will be fun after a little rainfall. From there continued on to see where Rainbow led. We came across a group on quads they told us there were good trails out that way and one led to Sloan (a small town outside the LV Valley right off I-15). Which sounded good to us... off we went. It was an awesome ride. Before heading up the mountain pass there was a hill or mound that hundreds of people have shot at, there was busted glass, 8 tracks, tvs, all kinds of garbage. We decided to use some of it as targets. However, there was so much debris on the dirt mound, it would erupt into the air with every shot. It didn't seem too safe so we each fired a clip and felt it was best to move on. Although, I did blow out one of pokemon's eyes before we packed it up.

We continued up the mountain. I got nervous at the peak, it's a bit scary when you can't see and when you don't know what's ahead. But all was good. We saw Sloan and we were very proud that we made it. We made our way down the mountain, we came upon train tracks. We had to cross them to get over to I-15. Fortunately, we made it across with ease. It was a lot of fun. You can see the path we took below.

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