April 17, 2008

Four fabulous years

Today's our fourth wedding anniversary. Hard to believe four years ago I was exhausted and getting primped for the day on less than two hours sleep. I functioned that day on pure excitement, I was thrilled to finally become Frank's wife after seven years together.

I'll never forget that the day began sunny and cool, but then a storm front blew in after our reception, just in time for our photo tour. There were 40mph wind gusts, scattered showers and the temperature dropped 15 degrees. I never considered that to be an option, I thought by marrying in Vegas I'd be guaranteed sunny skies. Yeah, there are no guarantees... We made the most of the change of weather (besides, they say rain on your wedding day brings good luck), and we had the best time on the photo tour. I was bummed that not a single photo had a sunny sky, but I had my boss' husband touch up a few to give me the gorgeous skies you often see in Las Vegas.

It was bright and sunny minutes after we became husband and wife.

Blue skies on the way to the reception

And here we are after the reception. There were many times I thought the wind would take me away.

The magic of Photoshop

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