April 21, 2008

Friday's adventures

Friday I met Frank and Bob for lunch at Archi’s Thai Kitchen. They offer a variety of specials for $6.95, Frank and I had chicken pad thai and Bob had red curry. All were tasty! Archi’s is our favorite place for Thai, I was pleased that Bob enjoyed it, too. He said it’s not authentic to what you find in Thailand, but for having American influence it was pretty good.

I worked the rest of the afternoon while they went off-roading they did the sloan trail that Frank and I did a couple weeks back. On their way back into to town that stopped at the Bass Pro Shop (Silverton). Frank picked up a semi-automatic shotgun while there. He claims it was too good of a deal to pass up… I think he just wanted it.

I came home to them assembling the gun. We killed time at the condo until our 7:30 reservation at Seablue (MGM) neared. The restaurant was the most crowded we had ever seen it, granted we’ve typically dined there on Sunday nights. Frank and Bob built their own salads and we ordered prawns to start (4 each). The prawns were fresh and delicious as always and they each enjoyed their salad creations. For entrees, Bob had bacon wrapped Chilean Seabass, Frank had Alaskan Halibut and I had Australian Prawn skewers. Again, everything was outstanding. The fish is prepared to perfection; it melts in your mouth, and my prawns have the greatest flavor. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We were fulfilled by our meal so passed on dessert. After dinner, we left MGM and headed to Treasure Island.

Frank and Bob hit the poker room and I took off to the casino in search of a video poker machine that would hand me a royal flush (one can hope, right?). I played for awhile, but had no profits whatsoever. The guys couldn’t get on a table so they tracked me down and we went to Sahara instead. They played poker and I played slots until Bob finished up and then we hopped on a $5 blackjack table. We played until Frank finished up, I broke even and Bob lost $20 so it was a decent session. We left Sahara and headed downtown.

We caught the last light show of the night and then walked over Golden Nugget so Bob could check out the shark tank and overall transformation. We were disappointed to find the lights off on the tank, the darkness made it difficult to check out the fish. We went to Mermaids so Bob could try a deep fried twinkie and oreo, but they stopped making them for the night. Two for two we were on a roll. We decided to play our favorite nickel VP at Vegas Club. My money lasted over an hour and Frank managed to more double his in that time. Bob played misc games and managed to keep his losses to a minimum. All was good until Frank went to cash out. These games are still coin operated and we were reminded how wonderful TITO really is… it took over an hour to get his money due to hopper fills and malfunctions. Then, the kicker was that the damn thing shorted him ten cents. It was ridiculous. We got home after 2 o’clock I was beyond tired. I think I crashed before my head even hit the pillow.

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