March 6, 2008

Good times!

I had a fun-filled time while the family was in town, of course with family (especially mine), drama is a given. And we sure had our fair share, but that’s a story for another day. I got to say I simply adore my nephew. Yep, that's him above. He thought my french doors were the greatest thing ever (Ahh, the things that amuse kids). You can see more of him here. Nicky is Mr. Independent, a complete clown, and he certainly keeps you on your toes. It was nice to have quality time with Mike and Amy, too.

Since Frank had such fun off-roading in Phoenix, he sought after a new toy, he ended up buying an ’85 GMC Jimmy. It is lifted to the point I can barely get into it, but the beast should provide us with many off-road adventures. It’s been in the shop since we bought it, but we’re looking forward to taking it out when it is in tip-top shape.

We got an offer on our Laughlin condo; we’re in final negotiations and we’re hopeful that the deal will close March 15, 2008. It’ll be wonderful when we’re completely done with that chapter in our lives. We’re anxious to move forward and get into a house.

Last weekend, I went to Fremont Street to take photos and enjoy the warm temperatures before a cold front came through. It’s too bad the sky didn’t provide a better back drop and I never realized how many obstructions the properties have, it really makes it challenging to capture a clear shot.

Fremont Street Photo Tour

This weekend we’re going to Peoria, AZ to catch a White Sox spring training game. We’ll be staying a couple nights with Frank’s friend. Plans are in the works for a day of off-roading, shooting guns, followed by a night of racing (the Trans Am) at the racetrack. Sunday we’ll attend the game and then head out to Sedona for the night. We’ll see the sights on Monday and then return home. It should be a fun trip.

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