March 14, 2008

One down... One to go...

Our Laughlin condo sold! We closed today and it'll record on Monday. We moved our stuff out on Wednesday. It wasn't an easy feat, especially since our first attempt was made on Tuesday.

We rented a trailer and we head down in the Jimmy. We got as far as Henderson (Wagon Wheel Rd.), when I thought I saw dust blowing in the back seat, after a double take I realized it's smoke not dust. Frank pulls over, we get out and notice that the carpet is on fire!

Frank rips the carpet out with a tire iron. We try to determine where it originated from, we think it's the passenger side muffler. As we're pouring water on the floor board and muffler NDOT pulls up. He gives it a look and he thinks oil had leaked on to the mufflers on it started to burn from the heat of the exhaust. Frank mentions that we're on our way to Laughlin and asks if he thinks we'll make it. NDOT says sure I'd try. I'll give you water; douse it if it catches fire. He gives us like 8 bottles of water and we continue on (against my better judgement).

We get outside of Henderson where the turn off for 93/95 is and I tell Frank, I'm going to check on it before we get too far. I throw water on the floor board and it sizzles and smokes like it's ready to fry eggs. We sat and let it cool down. I told Frank I didn't want to try to go any further, even if we got to Laughlin, the truck wasn't going to make it back. Frank called his buddy Shane to see what he thought the issue was, they narrowed it down to the catalytic converter. Shane said, we could go on if Frank poked a hole in it. He tried with the tire iron, but didn't get it. He didn't want to force it and make the repairs even more costly than they'd already be. Then, finally, Frank agreed to turn back.

Every so often, I poured water on the floor board to cool the smolder. It got really really hot so we stopped for dinner at the District at Green Valley Ranch. We tried Lucille's BBQ.

We started with biscuits and apple butter. Mmmm... they were the best biscuits I ever tasted. We ordered the spinach and artichoke cheese dip for our appetizer. It was delicious, too. We both had to restrain ourselves from licking the bowl clean. Next up was our entrees, BBQ tri-tip sandwich with sweet potatoes for me, and Frank had full slab of ribs with sweet corn and baked beans. Lucille's sauces were great, my sandwich was tasty, Frank ribs were the only weak link of the meal. They were decent, but not as good as those served up at Ellis Island (And these were near 3x the cost). Service was great, too. All in all, it was an enjoyable meal. We'll return, but we'll skip the ribs next time.

Luckily, the truck didn't blow up while we ate. It had time to cool, so we headed toward home. I kept an eye on it the whole way, dousing it with water when it got too hot. Fortunately, we made it home safe.

We borrowed my mom's blazer to try again Wednesday, and luckily, our second attempt was a success. We unpacked, yesterday, and set up all the new furniture in our Las Vegas condo. We reduced the condo's asking price when we accepted the Laughlin offer so we're hopeful that it'll sell soon.

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