March 25, 2008

An untraditional Easter

We headed out to my mom's house on Sunday. We decided to see how the Jimmy would do over the hump (to Pahrump). She didn't like the mountain pass much, but she made it. We were very relieved. Shortly, after we got to my mom's we went off-roading. First, we drove over the foothills into the mountains that divide NV and CA. We found a great spot for shooting, too. We wished we brought the gun (we bought a Glock 17 on Saturday). After messing around in the foothills, we drove south, where there's a wash. It's rougher ride, the earth is more compact because it's real popular with atv's, quads and dirt bikes. It was a ton of fun and the Jimmy handled it all like a trooper. Regrettably, I left my camera at mom's house by mistake so I don't have any photos of our off-road adventure.

When we got back, I rode my mom's horse, Fancy. I've only rode a pony, so that was interesting. I was real nervous at first, but I got more comfortable with her as I rode. My mom took a short ride. Then, we had dinner. Frank grilled up lamb chops (whole foods), and Omaha steaks (which I got from work). The lamb was real good, but the steaks were a real disappointment. They were no better than what you'd find in a regular grocery store. It certainly wasn't an ordinary Easter, but it sure was fun.

Yep, that's me, ridin' Fancy

And here's the beast

She's 23 years old and there's not a spot of rust to be found. You'd NEVER see that in Chicago.

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