December 26, 2007

Xpu-ha, Mexico ~ Day two

Frank woke me to catch the sunrise. There are few things worth getting up for at the crack of dawn, but sunrise over the Caribbean sea is one that’s worthwhile.

Frank's footsteps in the sand

Looking north at sunrise

Looking south at sunrise

After soaking in the early morning sun, we went back to our room and napped in the hammock until breakfast.

Refreshed, we headed down to the restaurant for breakfast. The kind amigo brought us coffee, yogurt with honey and granola, fruit plate and toast. We chomped on that while we waited for our Mexican eggs to be prepared. Everything was excellent. Afterwards we lounged in our hotel room for a bit.

Then we headed out to the beach. We played in the waves for hours, it was great fun.

When we had our fill we showered and had a brief siesta back in the hammock. We worked up a hunger, and decided we’d return to La Cueva del Chango for a late lunch, since we enjoyed it so much last year.

It was just as we remembered. We sat inside for fear of rain, sure enough, the storms came shortly after we sat down. Frank ordered sopes and crème of beans soup. I went with chicken enchiladas in red sauce. I also requested tortillas to snack on while we waited. Yum, those tortillas are out of this world. I love their salsas, too. Not to mention our meals were superb, as well.

The storm continued on our way back, there were many accidents along the highway. Fortunately, we made it to the hotel with no troubles.

We snoozed until the storm passed. Later, Frank went down to the restaurant he returned with an ice bucket filled with Pacificos. We drank cervezas and swayed in the hammock the rest of the evening.

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