December 26, 2007

Xpu-ha, Mexico ~ Day one

We flew US Airways, they offered the best fare and most direct route. The flight from Vegas to Phoenix was cake. We were offered to upgrade to first class for the flight to Cancun. We pondered it for a minute, but declined. We boarded the plane and quickly realized it wasn’t going to be a full flight, we hoped that we’d luck out and have a row of seats to ourselves. Everyone boarded and no one took the aisle seat, I scooted over and we relished in our first score of the trip… poor man’s first class. Flight went by fairly quick.

The new airport terminal is very nice and efficient, I was blown away, such an improvement! There were no long waits, we were on our way in no time.

We caught the Thrifty shuttle outside the terminal to retrieve our rental. We booked an economy for $9/day. We were given a bare bones Ford, manual, no power steering, radio or door locks. The process was painless and we were off.

Before heading to our hotel we stopped in Playa Del Carmen for pesos and dinner. Our favorite place to park on 12th near the bank has closed as the surrounding buildings have been demolished. It took sometime to find a new place to park, but we eventually settled on a place off of 10th near 8th. We stopped at the ATM, cigar shop, and then continued on to Yaxche.

I ordered Cochinita Pibil and Frank had Kinich. Both dishes were delicious. Bellies full we headed to Xpu-ha.

It was after seven o’clock by the time we arrived at Al Cielo

much of the staff had gone home, except the chef. He assisted us with our bag, led us to our room and pointed out the refreshments he left for us. We changed into shorts, grabbed cervezas and ran out to the beach. It felt great to feel the soft sand between our toes and the warm sea crash at our feet. We toasted and relaxed beneath the stars. Ahhh...

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