December 27, 2007

Xpu-ha, Mexico ~ Day three

Frank was first to rise, he woke me up and we headed down to the restaurant. The spread was practically the same as the day before, but we ate a little lighter since we had lunch plans with our friends, Christine and JD, at noon. After breakfast, we went for a swim. Waves were good sized; we rode them to shore, did somersaults and had all kinds of fun.

Next, we changed and waited in the hammock for Christine and JD to arrive. Frank dozed off, not long after they pulled up. They found the hotel on the first try, impressive. We caught up, I woke Frank and we headed to La Cueva del Chango. We sat outside. We chatted while we waited for our meal. Christine and I had enchiladas, JD went with the sopes and Frank had the crème of bean soup and chicken breast. JD and Christine kindly picked up the tab, then we were off to Soriana for groceries. This was our first visit to a supermarket in Mexico. It was a neat experience. Frank really enjoyed it. We bought Pacifico and churros. What else does one need? We checked the directory to see if there was a cigar shop in the mall, but we didn’t see one. We headed into Playa del Carmen, so Frank could buy a few cigars to last the rest of the trip.

We parked in the same lot we found on our first night, but when we returned the amigo tried to scam Frank by charging him double. Frank caught on right away, and paid only the amount we owed.

Errands complete we returned to our hotel. We snapped a couple pictures, said our good byes, and then Christine and JD went back to their hotel to enjoy the rest of their trip. It’s always been great seeing them, but this was an especially neat visit since it’s not everyday you get to meet up with friends in another country.

When I went up to the hotel room I found Frank in pain. He managed to stub his toe while walking up the stairs; he ripped off half his toenail in the process. Given our track record, severe sunburn, broken ankle, and Montezuma’s revenge, I knew we wouldn’t be able to get away scot-free. We were thankful it was only a minor injury. After I cleaned him up, we napped in the hammock.

Later, we had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. We looked over the menu; we opted to start with a Caesar salad and selection of cheeses. Grilled shrimp and lamb chops followed. My shrimp was presented with the heads attached that was a first. They were mighty tasty. Frank’s lamb was not good. It took us 10 minutes to try to find meat, but it was nothing but fat. We called the waiter over, it was interesting trying to find the words to explain why we were unhappy… eventually, I said, pequeño carne. Luckily, he understood, he suggested Frank choose another entrée, he ordered NY steak. That was far better. Frank’s meal was on the house due to our troubles. Before heading out we stopped at the bar and got a couple buckets of ice. Then we retired to the hammock, drank cervezas and relaxed under the stars.

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