December 27, 2007

Xpu-ha, Mexico ~ Day five

We were awake in time to catch sunrise, but it was a chilly morning so we decided to continue to lounge in bed. Once we were up and moving about we grabbed breakfast. This was our last day so we hit the beach one last time. The water was unusually calm; it was perfect conditions for snorkeling, but not the best for frolicking about. We showered, packed and settled our hotel bill. Then we stopped at La Cueva del Chango for brunch, Frank had an omelet and I had enchiladas in green sauce. Afterwards, we drove to Cancun.

The return of the rental was effortless, we boarded the shuttle and we’re dropped off at the airport. Lines for check in and security were non-existent. We stopped in the duty-free store and bought a box of Cuban cigars to bring home. When we made it to our departure gate we couldn’t believe we had two hours to kill. About an hour later, we got word that our flight was delayed, our plane had mechanical issues, another plane would arrive almost two hours after our departure time. We knew we would miss our connecting flight when we were cleared for take off. Fortunately, there were two later flights from phx to las, we landed, gathered our bags and passed through customs in enough time to make the next flight. We touched down in Vegas, shortly before eleven o’clock. After a long day of traveling it was wonderful to finally be home.

We had a splendid vacation! We stayed the perfect length of time. We already plan to return next December.

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