October 8, 2019

Wicked Good Times in Boston

We kicked off summer travels with a trip to Boston. Frank had flown out ahead of me for work. Just like my first visit over Labor Day weekend, last year, I took Spirit's red eye on a Friday evening. I opt for the exit row upgrade and sleep as much as possible. The flight arrives at 6AM and allows a full Saturday to take in the sights.

We've stayed at the InterContinental on the waterfront and the Hilton Back Bay most recently. Both are great hotels, near all sorts of attractions. The best part of Boston is that it is such a walkable city. Plus, I love how quiet it is in the heart of the city with so many green areas; thanks, to the Big Dig.

Last trip, we settled the great debate of Mike's or Modern - Neither, if you ask me. Harpoon Brewery and their killer pretzel was more my speed. For the record, Frank thinks the cannoli's at Caffe dello Sport (also on Hanover St) are superior.

We did a duck tour and familiarized ourselves with the typical tourist attractions.

Some sights are better experienced on foot like the Boston Public Library.

I easily walked six miles exploring the city. There is so much to see. You could spend a day in Boston Commons alone.

Acorn Street on Beacon Hill was particularly quaint. I had to stop for an obligatory selfie.

Lastly, for one of our final stops, I had Frank take me by the Paul Revere house since I kept missing it.

Then we strolled over to the oldest taverns, we ended up at the Green Dragon. Low and behold, bellied up to the bar next to a blast from the past. It seemed a fitting way to end the trip.

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