October 2, 2019

October is...

Crisp air. Open windows. Changing leaves. Cozy fires. Pumpkin everything (blech!). And a fresh start!!

There are seven days in a week. Someday is not one of them. How will you spend the last 90 days of 2019?

I am dedicated to growth and the pursuit of happiness. My plan began two months ago. After a trip to Chicago, I had lengthy flights and long drives, alone, that allowed me to clear my and focus on my wants and needs. Meeting with old friends and beloved family it became obvious what my next move should be.

It was time to quit my job. Yes, the one that is safe, secure and I've kept post at for more than 16 years. There was no plan for what comes next, but I knew if I stayed I would never find out. I was great at my job, I enjoyed the part I've played at shaping the city of Las Vegas and its landscape. I had just had the busiest year in the company's existence, it required me to run on all cylinders, I was able to shine. I was at the pinnacle, but it did not fill my cup. I was proud of my feats, but that pink puffy heart stuff that feeds the soul was lacking.

Frank came to pick me up from the airport after that Chicago trip. I told him I planned to quit my job. He was supportive just as he is of my every whim. Though, I don't know that he knew how serious I was. The next day, I gave my notice. Let me tell you, it has been a whirlwind 8 weeks! Interviewing my replacement, training, and maintaining my level of work while juggling trips all over the country, and time at home, supporting family. All coupled with a cough that lingered for a month (allergies) and sleepless nights (thanks to my sweet niece that thinks sleep is overrated), thankfully I was fueled by coffee and a finish line.

I made it. I am free to explore my many curiosities, travel and grow. I hope you join me for the adventure.


Kathy said...

Wow! That is definitely not what I thought the next post was going to be from you. But I wish you the very best in your endeavors whatever they may be. I enjoy your blog and hope to enjoy your travels and what not that you post.

Best wishes from afar!

Kellee said...

Thank you, Kathy! I appreciate you always checking in and rooting me on. Hope life is treating you well.

NevadaJay said...

This is AWESOME. Congrats Kellee, for doing what so many wish they had the courage to do! I'm at a crossroads myself with my contract coming to an end in November. I already have an for a new contract with more money but I'm not so sure I want it. I too, will be reflecting over the next few weeks to determine what's next.

I just hope you continue to post for us!

Kellee said...

Thanks, Jay! I hope you love wherever you land next!