September 29, 2016

Off the Hook

My brother and I go out for lunch most week days; thankfully, we have a slew of restaurants to choose from. However, we still find ourselves in a dining rut. We have our favorites, but we fear getting burnt out on them so we try to mix it up best we can. Komex (Buffalo location) is a top pick, because I've never had anything bad, the service is always friendly and the prices are quite reasonable.

Right next door is Off the Hook we've walked by dozens of times, but never stopped inside. Fish and chips aren't typically what I crave so honestly I had given it much thought, but eventually curiosity got the best of me. I took a look at the menu and much to my surprise they also serve fish tacos. I do very much enjoy fish tacos, especially the fried variety. I love the crunch, the warm fish on the cool bed of cabbage. They also have chicken tenders on the menu, so Mike was on board to give Off the Hook a try.

Our server was friendly and since it wasn't too busy he gave us just the right amount of attention - keeping drinks full, etc. We were pleased to find a lunch menu that discounted the Thai fish tacos ($9.99) and the tenders ($9.99) for a couple bucks less than the standard menu pricing. Our lunch was served piping hot with a full basket of fries. Both the fish and the chicken were tender, the breading was crispy and not overly greasy. The thai sauce that was drizzled over the tacos had a wee kick and a bit of sweetness. Though, I prefer a more traditional fish taco. I did enjoy this twist. Overall, we agreed it was a nice change of pace.

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