September 22, 2016

Cleo is No Doubt a Favorite

Las Vegas offers so many dining options the choices can be overwhelming - I figure the best plan is to try them all or at least as many as possible. At least that was how I thought. The past year, instead of trying the latest or greatest, I've been opting for places that are just fantastic. Before Circo closed at Bellagio, it was my favorite restaurant in the city. It's since been replaced by Sage inside Aria. Joe's at Caesars Forum shops is also a winner. And, I can honestly say that Cleo now joins the ranks of my top picks. If we talk off-strip options, the nod definitely goes to Mariscos Playa Escondido in case you were wondering. I'm not too fond of SLS, but Cleo lures me in. Again and again.

Over the summer, Cleo offered a fantastic deal for locals. It was the perfect excuse to dine with friends. Each time was superb. Frank and I have also dined together a few occasions and between all the visits, I think I've found the strongest items on the menu. I crave them nearly on a daily basis. Much of the menu is served tapas style so it's a nice fit no matter the size of my appetite.

Next visit, I'll have snap some photos, but in the meantime do try the hummus ($10), lebeneh ($10), spicy cigars ($10), chopped salad ($12) brussel sprouts ($14), lamb shawarma ($9) or splurge with the garlic shrimp ($18). I could go for any or all these right about now. Yum.

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