October 11, 2016

Down with the Sickness

They're back! Germs are alive and well. I, on the other hand, have been sick for nearly two weeks. Just like in February, I caught another upper respiratory infection. This time, I also had the pleasure of an ear infection. Of course, the gunk settled in right before Frank and I left for Portland. The trip is kind of a blur since I spent it in a cough syrup and cold medicine induced haze.

I was sicker than ever once we got back home. My level of exhaustion reached new heights. Coughing fits were endless. I had some of the worst headaches I can recall. My blood pressure was sky high, likely, from all the cough and cold medicine. I never had an ear infection before, funny how it felt like sinus pressure just without all the nasal congestion and/or runny nose.

I finished antibiotics a couple days ago, I'm feeling way better, but not fully 100%. I'm not convinced my ear is back to normal. I still feel like it needs to pop. I'm pretty hoarse, but thankfully, the coughing fits have ended. Sleep comes easy and tiredness seems to have no end in sight. I'd like to think it's all behind us now, but I fear it's only begun. 'Tis the season, I suppose.

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