October 30, 2014

Hooked on Asian Fusion

Asian fusion seems to be where its at these days. And I'm not complaining. Komex Express and Fat Choy were among the first that hooked me. Komex opened a second location at Flamingo/Buffalo which allows my brother and I to frequent it for lunch. We've tried a variety of menu items, but it's the nachos ($6) and cheesesteak ($9) that brings us back again and again. The half order of nachos are always plenty, I love the sweet heat from the Korean hot sauce. My choice of meat varies per my mood; Daeji bulgogi (pork) is usually my preference. The cheesesteak is my brother's favorite. Tender bulgogi and gooey cheese mingle with peppers and onions.

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Fat Choy has been killing it at Eureka Casino. Their bao is fantastic. I like the duck better than the pork belly, but try 'em both. The potstickers ($6) pack a lot of flavor into each bite. I only wish they weren't so sticky. It's a great challenge to wrestle them apart. The duck rice ($12) is tasty with a pile of fluffy rice served with a succulent duck leg. However, when I ordered it, despite it being clear on the menu, I assumed it would be more of a duck fried rice. So, my assumption caused a little disappointment. The Fat Choy burger ($10) never disappoints. It's sloppy, but oh so good. It will satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

Both are serving up good eats that are highly addicting.

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