October 24, 2014

Buddha Belly Deli

It's fun to say, isn't it? Go ahead, it just rolls off the tongue... Buddha Belly Deli. Anyway this deli is serving up Asian fusion in the best way. It's tucked away in a strip mall near Kohl's on Valle Verde in Henderson. This gem celebrates its grand opening this weekend. They've got a good thing going. I'm excited to return and try more of the menu.

Pho Dip, where have you been all my life?

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Tender sirloin is shaved thin and piled high on a fresh baguette, it is slathered with Chinese mustard and topped with pickled bean sprouts, onion, cilantro and jalapeno slices ($9). The sandwich is tasty on its own, but the magic really happens when you dip it into the pho au jus. Next time, I'll request extra jalapeno just to kick it up a notch. I like my pho spicy!

The housemade furikake chips and kimchee pickles were mighty tasty too. They are they extra special something to accompany every sandwich.

Their Green Tea ($2.50) is freshly brewed and very refreshing. They also surprised me with a yummy green tea brownie. It was moist and not overly sweet, which makes it the perfect treat. Well done, Buddha Belly Deli! Welcome to the neighborhood.

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